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The Never Ending Tour

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Become a part of the Never-ending Tour by subscribing  on Patreon! Our Patreon subscribers are what keeps me and other great comics on the road to keep bringing you the laughs! Traveling to perform for our fans comes with a lot of costs that aren’t covered so we depend on our subscribers to help us to get to the show and in return, subscribers get full access and perks!

Sign My Car

I’ve been on the road since 2001 and people who come out to the shows are all part of the journey! At the end of each show, I invite the audience to come out and put their mark on the Never-Ending Tour by signing my car. I’ve read every message and feel like everyone is on the ride with me; and especially love when I come back to a city and people can come and find where they signed the car!…and yes, the cops are always pulling me over!

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